Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Sociology, Western Carolina University

Hey, all you HiPSTAS,

I’m Hartwell Francis, PhD, Director of the Cherokee Language Program at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.  I develop Cherokee language curriculum and materials for Cherokee language instruction at all levels.  We maintain a sprawling, unorganized website at

We are interested in developing audio archives for teaching the languages of small populations.

For the upcoming workshop, however, I will be working with the Native American Recordings archives of the American Philosophical Society:

I will be working specifically with the Cherokee language recordings.  My project is “Outstanding Issues in Cherokee Phonetics and Phonology”.  The Cherokee language recordings include audio from Eastern speakers and Western speakers.  I will outline the vowel length, pitch accent, h-consonant combinations, lateral fricatives, and alveolar affricates in an attempt to differentiate dialects in the APS Cherokee language recordings.

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